Review of the Forsining Men’s Toubillon Automatic Mechanical Watch

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I purchased this timepiece from, an online shopping outlet that specializes in timepiece devices. It arrived adequately packed and on schedule. It cost me thirty-one dollars and shipping was free.

The C1101 is a large watch which, if you include the protruding crown, measures 47mm across. It is 16 cm thick and weights in at 88 grams (3.11 ounces).

The band is black and composed of decent quality PU leather. The strap’s width measures 22mm where it is attached to the case, tapering to 18 cm. It is secured by a silver colored pin buckle.

Several vendors identify this watch as a Toubillon, which infers accuracy has been improved by encasing its balance wheel and escapement within a rotating cage. Such mechanisms, while admittedly cool, are not cost efficient. Forsining simply cut a circular hole into the dial, exposing the balance wheel.

The date of the month is displayed near the top of the dial. A tiny golden pointer indicating the month, is below and slightly to the right. Another pointer, indicating the day of week, is positioned to the left.

Two pushbuttons flank the watch’s crown. The upper button advances the day of month and the bottom adjusts the month. A depressed button on the left edge of the watch is used to advance the day of week subdial.

The C1101’s case is composed of shiny stainless steel and topped with a gold colored bezel. Studs which designate the individual hours continue this theme. This watch is available in a variety of colors.

A window incorporated into the back of the case reveals the inner workings of the movement. While water resistance information was not engraved onto rear of the case, the vendor notes the watch is splash proof only.

I have also reviewed the Forsining U0W7 automatic watch. While I prefer this timepiece, the U0W7’s styling is impressive.





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