Review of the Jaragar jjs008 Unisex Automatic Wristwatch With Date and Day Functions

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I Purcased this watch from It was priced at forty-seven and arrived well packaged and ahead of schedule.

This chubby little timepiece measures 14mm in thickness and, including the crown, is 43mm across. Dial width is 37mm. The Jaragar weights in at 64 grams which equals 2.27 ounces.

The case is either composed of or plated with stainless steel. Two push buttons and a crown jut from the right edge. The dial is protected by a slightly convex sheet of hardened mineral glass.

This automatic watch utilizes a dual layer dial. The upper surface is partially cut away, allowing a view of a nicely engraved bottom layer. Nine drystal diamonds are attached to the dial to enhance styling. Before you look it up, I’ll tell you; drystal diamonds are synthetic.

The hours are marked with silver studs, matching the color of the timepiece’s hands. Other color variations are available.

The left sub dial displays the days of the week and can be adjusted using the lower push button. The right sub dial is numbered 1 through 31 to indicate the day of the month. The upper push button is used to adjust this indication. At the bottom, a third sub dial is utilized as a twenty-four-hour clock.

A clear window at the bottom of this timepiece allows a view of the watch’s inner workings.

The included watchstrap is 20mm in width and composed of medium quality PU leather. It should last several months.

Water resistance is rated 3 Bar. This means the watch is splash resistant only.

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